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xb0083score:3.8 / 52019-02-26

Aspects can also
angeletscore:3.8 / 52019-02-23

Ordinary business fast hotel, health, equipment not new. surrounding eating transportation is also convenient
leon898score:5.0 / 52019-01-24

Hotel location in the community, but that's easy, facilities in the room a bit old but very clean and very quiet, according to Unicom Liangmaqiao subway station is very convenient, downstairs there is an eating place, hotel offers a buffet breakfast in the morning is also very affordable, very close walk from the Embassy for more than 10 minutes to arrive at once, great hotel for convenient visa people!
e01877545score:5.0 / 52019-01-07

I will tell you who the best man is that? this summer let us wait for you here is not a lot.
e03854582score:3.8 / 52018-12-19

Which is very nice
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